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BD-Möbel is a family business founded by Bjarne Dahlqvist in 1967 in Jakobstad, Finland. Bjarne was a keen entrepreneur with a burning interest in technology and function, during his 50 years in the industry he developed some 30 patents in furniture and many of these mechanisms still live on in our products today. Form and sitting posture were also a leitmotif for Bjarne, the combination of functions and ergonomically designed chairs and sofas was the guiding star in his business.

Bjarne wanted to have control over the entire production chain and during the 1990s he built the production unit in Tartu (Dorpat), Estonia where all manufacturing departments are under the same roof. He wanted to see and touch all the components and talk to the people on the factory floor so that they would understand his vision and make the furniture in such a way that the final product would meet his requirements and bear his stamp. He was the leader who listened, inspired and trained his employees so that the end product was what he wanted.

BD has been supplying high-quality furniture to the European market for over 50 years and is run in the family by the second generation. The goals and the passion for real furniture are pursued with the same enthusiasm as before. Today, the furniture is produced under the same premises, but with today’s technology, it is largely a manual process where hundreds of components are put together to complete a piece of furniture that will bear BD’s seal. Our production is ISO certified.

Bjarne Dahlqvist

Second generation

Dahlqvist continues to uphold the traditions and philosophy of the past and they unite in the development of today’s technical production.

A generational change was made in 2008 and, since then, the focus has been on sitting comfort, quality of leather, which is one of our hallmarks, and development of new mechanisms: all of this is combined in new designs.

We are proud of our high quality, competence, punctual deliveries and good service.

Dahlqvist brand catalogue

Dahlqvist catalogue

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Our patents

Dahlqvist’s patents are only used in
their own products and ensure that
the customer truly gets the most
comfortable seating experience

In order to achieve this, we have focused on the feeling of comfort and relaxation, and at the same time we have not made any compromiseson the design and details.