A tilt-glide mechanism distributes the sitter’s weight evenly and relaxes the back.

Tilt rotates the upper body’s centre of gravity from the lower back to the centre of the back.

The position of the self-adjusting neck cushion continues to operate as the situation demands, even if the sitting angle changes. The position of the neck cushion is synchronised with the sitting angle, which allows the viewing angle to remain at the same height regardless of the sitting angle. This function ensures the best posture for reading or watching television. Angle and height can also be adjusted manually, even to a sleeping position.

Glide opens the sitting angle by up to 6 cm and continues the work of tilt to transfer the centre of gravity to the whole back. At the same time, the connective muscles stretch, pressure on the vertebrae falls and the back relaxes.

Tilt of the stool can be adjusted. The legs receive optimal support and don’t need to be stretched. If necessary, the stool can be used as a separate seat.

Chair turns 360 degrees and returns to original position. The neck and shoulder muscles remain relaxed, when the viewing angle is always correct. The sitting direction always returns to its original position to suit the look of the room.

For each seat a foot rest rises automatically on contact. The foot rest is fully synchronised with the back section. There is no need to stretch the legs, and the whole body relaxes. Foot rest can be lifted up when desired. The legs remain relaxed and don’t need to be stretched.

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