Colour choices

We have wide range of different color
options and leather styles.

Leather colour pallete

Look further for our wide range of different
leather, sheep skin, fabric and wood options.


Elegance - wood

Elegance - painted

Elegance - laquered

Stella - return

Benz - return

Original - wood -return




Star - steel centerpiece

About chairs

An armchair by BD Mobel differs from many others, through its adjustable functions for a comfortable and personalized sitting experience.

The founder of BD, Bjarne Dahlqvist, seriously injured his back in a traffic accident in the 1960s. Due to constant pain, he had problems sitting and lying down. This was the reason for his great interest in comfortable and pain-free sitting.

As an entrepreneur and being technically educated, he began experimenting with various functions for optimal sitting. Examples include synchronized sliding and rocking systems tilt-glide mechanism, lumbar support, and neck cushions with individual height- and angle adjustment. Several of these mechanisms are patented and can be found in our armchair range. In addition to integrated footrests or a separate footstool, you can also choose between size and seat heights of several models.

Today, BD is an active producer of functional armchairs and sofas in Scandinavia and is continued to be run by the Dahlqvist family in a second generation with focus on comfort, sustainability, and environmental thinking.

You are welcome to try out our furniture at any of the 300 retailers in Scandinavia.

It wouldn’t surprise us if you end up choosing a BD armchair.

Thank you for your trust!