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About bentwood

Bending wood consists of thin wooden lamellas in oak or birch that are joined with glue (water-based) that is pressed together in beautiful natural shapes inspired by nature. A freshly pressed wooden detail is placed in molds for four weeks to get the desired result. The part is then machined and joined with a seat element consisting of molded urethane cushions wrapped with wadding and a metal tube frame and no-zag suspension in the seat and back. To get the optimal feeling of comfort, we dress the armchair in sheepskin, leather or fabric.

Some of our bentwood armchairs have a slide with a folding back as well as a height-adjustable headrest with an angle that makes it possible to take the position that suits you best. The armchair is made entirely according to your wishes. You choose the seat height, wood color and surface material according to our samples, then production starts. It is not mass production, the armchair is produced according to your unique order.

A bentwood armchair from BD is not just an armchair, it is a natural product that exudes comfort, beauty and durability.
A custom  seat for you and your family, that will please for many years. What a feeling!